Preparing for Worship: January 5, 2020

January 16, 2020

Text: Romans 4:9–16
Title: “Abraham—The Father of All Who Believe"

Abraham is the personal example Paul uses to illustrate his teaching on the gospel in Romans 1–3. One of the crucial issues that the early church had to address was whether Gentile believers were to be received as Jewish proselytes (involving circumcision and obedience to the law of Moses), or could Gentiles come directly to God by faith in Christ?

Our text for this Lord's Day makes plain that God designed Abraham to be a model for both Jewish and Gentile believers. He illustrates the unity of the people of God, and the uniqueness of the Lord's church, in the New Covenant.

Songs we will sing this week include the following, provided in a Spotify playlist here or a Youtube playlist here:

  1. Psalm 46
  2. Blessed Are All (Only in Jesus)
  3. Jesus, Thank You
  4. Grace So Glorious
  5. I Will Be Still
  6. Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners
  7. His Mercy is More
  8. Ancient of Days
  9. Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God