Cornerstone Bible Church

“Equipping the saints for the work of ministry” in Katy, TX.

With all authority in heaven and on earth at His disposal, Jesus commissioned his apostles to make disciples by baptizing people and teaching them to obey everything that he commanded (Matt. 28:18–20). God’s means of accomplishing this lofty goal is by building up local churches with godly leaders (Acts 2:44–47; 1 Thess. 1:8). In the book of Acts, the model for church planting is not for pastors to parachute into locations with random people, hoping for the best. Rather, it involves healthy, mature congregations planting churches by sending faithful Christian leaders to evangelize and establish a wholly new group of saved, baptized, and founding members (Acts 1:8, 2-4, 11-14). This means that the New Testament models a ministry of strong, supportive churches planting other churches. With this as our model and aim, on February 6th, 2022 we sent out Pastor Daron Roberts with several families from Founders to plant Cornerstone Bible Church in Katy, Texas.

Why Katy

The story of Cornerstone Bible Church is just beginning, but by God’s good and guiding providence the desire for a church plant in Katy has been unfolding over many years. The origin of this new work began some years ago as God stirred up the hearts of the elders at Founders Baptist Church to see a new gospel work birthed in the Katy area of Houston. The impetus for this new work began as an increasing number of hungry believers in the Katy area made requests for a likeminded ministry to Founders Baptist Church.  From that time forward, the elders of Founders began praying about launching another gospel work in Katy, specifically a church. It was the burden of these men that this new church would embrace the convictions they held dear, sound doctrine taught by pastor-teachers, and a God-honoring philosophy of ministry that prioritizes God’s Word.

The Elders of Founders were waiting on the Lord for the right timing and the right man to pastor the church. Then in February 2021, after 13 years of service at Grace Immanuel Bible Church in Jupiter, FL, Founders asked pastor Daron Roberts to consider leading this new, important work. From the earliest meetings, both pastor Daron and the elders at Founders were convinced that God was paving the way for this partnership to emerge, and for a new church to be born. Pastor Daron accepted the formal call to be an elder and the Pastor of Church Planting at Founders Baptist Church in July 2021.

Pastor Daron and a group of faithful men in Katy are now laboring to serve and shepherd the flock of Cornerstone Bible Church in Katy. God has already mightily worked in growing the church in depth and breadth, and in resources to support our labor.

If you have any general questions about Cornerstone Bible Church or would like to know how you can join, serve, support, or pray for the ministry, please email us at or visit