From the pew to the classroom and to the home -- The Small Group ministry is where we take what we are learning in church and flesh it out with other believers in our homes.

As we welcome people into our homes or we enter into someone else's home, we all get a glimpse of what it looks like to live our faith in our comfort zones. With an emphasis on fellowship around the preaching of God's Word, we gather in small groups to allow more time to discuss and more time to grow together. This is your opportunity to ask those questions that came up during the sermon, or the opportunity to share how the Word blessed you. This is also your opportunity to see how others understand the Scripture, and to learn from them, and for them to learn from you.

Small groups will be led by an elder or aspiring minister. Each group will consist of 4-6 families. Discussions will be a review of a sermon by our pastor. Following the discussions will be a time of prayer and also a time of enjoying each other's company.

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